Help for patients

How do I order medical marijuana?

Zolr is a website that makes finding a reputable medical marijuana easy, but we don’t sell or facilitate orders. Please contact one of the suppliers listed on our website for more information about their products, prices and how to order. You can find a list of all suppliers here.

Is medical marijuana legal?

No. In South Africa, consuming cannabis (dagga, marijuana, weed) for any purpose is still illegal.

But the current laws are not stopping patients from buying and suppliers from selling. That’s why we started Zolr, to make purchasing medical cannabis as safe as possible and hold bad suppliers to account.

Can you recommend a supplier?

We recommend choosing a supplier with good reviews. Zolr makes finding a reputable supplier safer by allowing patients to leave reviews, but ultimately choosing a supplier is your choice and responsibility. 

If you end up having a good (or bad) experience with any suppliers listed on Zolr,  please do leave a review so that you can help other patients make the right choice.

I have been ripped off, can you help?

All communication between you and suppliers is at your own risk, and we cannot help settle disputes that happen between you and a supplier.

We do our best to alert patients of fraudulent suppliers, but we rely predominantly on patient reviews to identify these cases. Please leave a review if you experience poor service.

Help for suppliers

How do I add my business to Zolr?

Simple, just click the “Add listing” button in the menu and submit your business. We’ll review your listing and take it from there.

My business is listed already, how do I claim it?

Go to your your company’s page, and click on the “claim” button. If you’re on a desktop computer you’ll find the claim button in the right sidebar, or if you’re on mobile you’ll find it at the bottom of the page. Once claimed, you’ll be able to update and mage your business’ information yourself.

My page has a bad review, can I respond?

Unfortunately we don’t have this functionality yet. It’s on our roadmap and we’ll let all suppliers know when this functionality has been released. If you’d like to dispute a review, please contact us below and we’ll deal with it on case-by-case basis.

How are reviews moderated?

Patients need to login with a verified email address in order to leave a review. All reviews are then individually moderated by our team. If you’d like to dispute a review, please contact us below and we’ll deal with it on case-by-case basis.

Can I remove my supplier page from Zolr?

Zolr publishes supplier listing information so that patients can share their experiences about local suppliers, and because the information is typically a matter of public record and public concern. Therefore we don’t remove such information from the site.

While we understand that some suppliers might prefer to keep a low profile, it’s important (and a legal right) for consumers to be able to find and share helpful information about great local suppliers.

Question still not answered?

Contact us a below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible