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Our seed strains are individually procured from reputable international seed banks specifically for their medical attributes. Our plants are harvested when the flowers are at their ripest and covered in crystals. The cannabis is then cured for a minimum of one month, then the entire plant is infused into coconut oil at a 1:4 ratio. Coconut oil has its own characteristics that are highly beneficial, not only in helping with the maximum absorption of all cannabinoids [THC and CBD] from the cannabis plant, but also for the overall health of the person.

All of the the healing properties of the plant are extracted and infused into the coconut oil. The oil is then packaged into 0.75ml capsules for convenient oral ingestion. We do not proclaim to be doctors of any kind, we have a passion for the healing powers of nature and we want to share that passion with you. Heal yourself.

Our main priority is to deliver a healing aid that will allow nature to do what it was intended to do – provide health in abundance. We believe in the power of the Earth and Her ability to sustain us as the Human race, but also in Her ability to teach us how to heal ourselves, and use the tools she has given us.

30 Caps
22.5 ml Oil

60 Caps
45.0 ml Oil

120 Caps
90.0 ml Oil

Potency – 38.7mg/ml

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8 reviews

  1. Great poduct, relieved me from my migraines.

    I used to take painkillers for my migraine everyday and nothing seemed to work. 14 days after I started taking Natural Bliss i can already notice that my migraines are getting less. Thank you for this wonderful product and your professionalism, I highly recommend these guys.

  2. Top medicinal grade cannabis products

    Top grade medicinal products, patients extremely satisfied.

  3. Excellent Product

    Great product that actually works and is what it says it is. Very happy!

  4. Got my life back. Thank You

    I suffer from severe depression and have had adverse effects when using anti depressants, Natural Bliss gave me an alternative option and I have a zest for life again.

    Highly recommend this special group of people

  5. A+ Product & Service

    I just order recently and was surprised with next day delivery. My sleeping difficulties improved within a first week.

    Thanks for changing my life for better.

  6. Top Quality - Look no further

    This is the real McCoy.

    My wife uses this as part of her treatment for M.S. These caps have made a huge difference to her overall well being.
    No doubt about the quality. And service is quick and efficient.

  7. Discreet, Fast, Top Quality

    Let me start by saying that I have already recommended this company to 5 friends.

    I’ve been really sceptical about buying online, as I’m sure everyone is. After taking the plunge and deciding to go ahead with my order I was pleasantly surprised when I received the package a few days later (ordered on friday and weekend deliveries are slow)

    As they say, presentation sells. Not even only did the product look great but I was also happy to show off the packaging to friends.

    Overall the quality was great and upon request I was even sent lab test results for the products. If you’re as sceptical about placing an order as I was then you’ll be pleased if you do decide to try it out.

    p.s. They were nice enough to throw in a small sample with my order 🙂

  8. Top-notch product with even better service

    The product is of the highest quality. Very professional and prompt communication. Helpful in choosing the right product for my needs. I would highly recommend 🙂

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