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Medical Cannabis Dispensary is South Africa’s trusted online resource for medical marijuana. Cannabis oil is a powerful medicine – not an intoxicant – which provides exceptional, proven benefits to patients with a serious illnesses, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. We provide education on cannabis oil and how to use it, and hope to help thousands of South Africans enjoy a better quality of life.

Through our decades of experience in cultivating and experimenting with the cannabis plant, we want to help patients achieve a better quality of life through by empowering them with knowledge and connecting them to reputable providers of the highest quality cannabis oil products rich in CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids and terpenes.

We provide education on cannabis oil and how to use it as an alternative to smoking medical marijuana. We champion wellness, not getting high, and want to remove some of the unfound stigmas surrounded cannabis. Our trained staff have in-depth knowledge of the various strains of cannabis and which type of product – including suppositories, tinctures, oils and balms – is right for your condition. Get in touch with any questions you might have or browse our FAQ.






10 reviews

  1. World Class Products

    MCDSA has given me my life back. There service and professionalism is 5 stars and there product are world class. Thank you.

  2. Top Class People and Products

    Having bumped our heads a few times in search for the real thing, finding MCDSA was a blessing. Top class products and outstanding service. Will be dealing with them for many years to come.

  3. No turning back

    After using products that did nothing for my health condition (Fibromyalgia), I was very skeptical about yet another medical cannabis product!
    I am so thankful that I discovered Medical Cannabis Dispensary – I am now off all my prescription medication and no longer have the debilitating pain that plagued me every day. Fantastic service, delivery was overnight and the quality of the tinctures are top class. Thank you MCDSA for giving me the opportunity to LIVE and not just survive! Can recommend with full marks

  4. Best Ever

    Fantastic service, back-up all the way and the product is awesome. Never heard of micro-dosing before and I’m now a convert! Thank you guys – I can now live again instead of just surviving!

  5. Super Product

    I ordered some oil from your PE supplier and not only was the service exceptional and professional, I got good advice all the way. Very detailed information thank you. It’s been 5 weeks now and I’m super impressed. Have gone off my prescription meds and have more energy and focus too. I use the CBD oil and love that I can measure my dose so accurately. Thank you to an exceptional bunch of people for helping me and walking the road to recovery with me. Unbelievable product. Ready for my next bottle!

  6. Proffesional

    From start to finish these are smooth operators, very helpful on diagnosing ailments and show miraculous effects . Im off my anti depressants and blood pressure is returning to normal with my new lease on life thanks to MCDSA

  7. Great Service, CBN not working as advertised, NOT replacement for prescription sleep meds.

    Although MCDSA’s website lacks the add-to-basket-to-order ease of other suppliers, once you contact them via their Contact form the reply is speedy and the order gets sorted and posted in excellent time.

    CBN tincture, 2mg per drop.
    CBN is toted for making you sleepy and leaving you rested the next morning.
    However, in my experience it does not make me sleepy at all.

    I have done the recommended dose of 2mg half an hour before bed for a week. I did not notice any sleepiness and going back to sleep after being woken by our toddler in the middle of the night is not easier at all.

    I have done higher doses of 4mg, 6mg and last night 10mg. Still doesn’t make me sleepy, even allowing for longer absorption time. In fact at these higher doses it almost makes sleeping HARDER. I do not feel refreshed this morning at all as I had little sleep. Although not as psychoactive as say THC, there is still some stoney feel to it at 6-10mg. Enough to keep me awake and not make me sleepy. I doubt upping the dosage to 15 or 20mg is going to help me fall asleep.

    I “believe” I have noticed a calmness settle over me with daily use, which I can see might help with people suffer from anxiety (eg. I found it easier to let the wife drive the way she does instead of trying to offer ‘suggestions’ ).

    TLDR: great service from supplier. like other herbal sleep-aids, CBN does not work for insomnia for me personally, your mileage may vary. Stick to Zolpidem (Stillnox/Zolnox/Ambian), that stuff knocks you out for real.

  8. Good service, bad product experience

    The service is great, but I cannot use the product as it messes up my sinuses about 60 seconds after I take it.

    It also gives me dry mouth and dry eyes.

    I wish I was warned about the possible side effects because I used a lot of money to buy the product.

    If anyone wants to take it off my hand as I have only used a few drops let me know I can sell it at super discount.

  9. Shot for good advice!

    I suffer from anxiety and while my faith in cannabis as a possible treatment was shattered thanks to wrong advice and a beautiful anxiety attack caused by a product with too much THC content, I’m happy to report that my faith has been restored. I probably have to apologise to the good people at MCDSA for being such an enormous pain in the butt, I’m sure I drove them insane with all my emails and text messages.
    I did get the right advice second time around, and faith restored thanks to their CBD oil. Though I still suffer from occasional anxiety attacks, they are less frequent and not as severe in nature. I also sleep better – something that was a huge problem for me. I have slowly weaned myself off prescription meds and though I still take one of the medications, my understanding is that the CBD definitely helped when withdrawal became an issue. And in the case of these oils/tinctures, a little goes a long way!
    Footnote for anyone who has anxiety – make sure you aren’t getting anything with high THC – save yourself that experience!

  10. Awesome Service

    No problems with these guys. Everything is genuine and no scamming at all. Even decided to replace a product of mine, free of charge and shipping. Really go far for their customers, and product quality is excellent.

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