Outsider Labs

Pure Medicinal Cannabis CBD Oils of the Highest Quality.

We provide alternative medical solutions in the form of the purest CBD extract products available in Africa. Please view our selection of CBD Dominant extracts.

Every batch is extensively tested for quality and safety. All oils are purified via fractional distillation and chromatography for guaranteed purity and efficacy.

Our selection includes:

Full Strength – 30ml and 50ml
Extra Strength – 30ml and 50ml
Pangamic Blend – 30ml and 50ml
Honey Infused – 30ml and 50ml
Cannabis Balm  – 100ml
Cannabis Creme 0 100ml

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4 reviews

  1. Reliable and caring

    A very reliable supplier. They always deliver, and are happy to help with treatment approaches and information.

    Dr Steven has changed my life for the better over the past two years.

  2. Miracle Cure

    I have been using Outsider Labs oils for a bit over a year now. Since starting my arthritis has practically gone away. The best part is that their cheaper than most producers but the quality is still tops.

  3. Stunning

    Amazing service and brilliant products – prices are also great compared to other suppliers. Their oils have made a massive difference in my day to day quality of life. Thank you Outsider Labs.

  4. Caring and Professional

    I have been making use of Outsider for months now and the quality of their service and products are exceptional!

    Tthey don’t just sell it, they make sure that you are provided with an abundance of information regarding the usage, indications and contra-indications of using their products.

    Not only that, they guarantee delivery!

    10/10 for sure!

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